Come fly with Amy Meyer at the Zen Studio. Check out my first Aerial Yoga experience!  

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial acrobatics using silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling.   Practicing inversion yoga on the floor can put stress on your head, spine, forearms and shoulder joints, however aerial inversion yoga allows your spine and joints to decompress. Amy’s class starts off slow, focusing on on your mobility and breathing, and then  slowly working into inversions. There is something extremely calming yet exhilarating about being suspended upside-down and focusing on your breathing. You just let go and let gravity do the work.


Aerial Yoga at Gold's Gym South Lakeland


Aerial Yoga at Gold's Gym South Lakeland


This class isn’t just about the decompression of your joints… it also requires you to harness a lot of core and upper body strength. Suspension training actually requires you to engage your core more than when you are stabilized on the ground. Some of the poses are hard, but there are variations for each pose so you can adjust accordingly. Amy also does a great job of focusing the class on your weaknesses, and she can easily do this because the class size is limited to four people. Because I predominantly weight train, I have very tight legs and hip flexors therefore we focused on hip mobility in my aerial yoga sesh.
Aerial Yoga at Gold's Gym South Lakeland


At the end of class, everyone is nestled in the hammocks in a suspended shavasana. Amy mists your hammock with lavender and then proceeds to give you a neck and scalp massage.

Bless you Amy ??????

Aerial Yoga at Gold's Gym South Lakeland

 When? Where? How much?

The first time you try the class it’s free! Uhm. Yay!?

From there on out, you can purchase a package of classes which are about $12 per class, and you don’t need to be a member of Gold’s Gym to participate. $12 per class is pretty affordable considering other aerial yoga packages in Lakeland and Tampa range from $15-$20.

A drop-in class is $15

Classes are offered 3 times a week: Tuesday at 10:30, Thursday at 5:30, and Saturday morning at 10:00am.

Aerial Yoga is held in Zen Studio at Gold’s Gym South Lakeland. (Right across the hall from spin!)

I would definitely go back and would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to try something new and challenging.