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Fresh Summer Salsas

Fresh Italian Tomato, Peruvian Salsa Criolla,  Cucumber & Cilantro Salsa Here are three of my go-to fresh summer salsas! They can be added on to so many different dishes or simply served with a side of chips! These three summer salsas are a staple at my house!  All of these salsas are seasoned very simply, with either fresh herbs, S&P, and olive oil/or lime juice. Simple seasonings allow you to really showcase your fresh ingredients! All three of these salsas are healthy and can be implemented into your weekly meal preps. Fresh Italian Tomato Salsa This salsa is super...

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How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Try this  quick, easy, and low carb alternative for rice! Cauliflower is such an adaptable vegetable.  You can manipulate it to make a variety of low carb substitutes for mashed potatoes, pizza crust, pasta sauce, and rice! However, on of my favorites to make is Cauliflower Rice. I LOVE rice, but it can make the meal heavy and drives my carb intake through the roof! (Which isn’t great for bikini season..?) Cauliflower rice doesn’t exactly have the same texture and taste as rice, but it leaves me just as satisfied. Its perfect for soaking up the sauces from a...

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Chicken Curry in 30 Minutes

This Chicken Curry recipe only takes about 30 mins and is packed with lots of healthy fats, veggies, and protein to keep you satisfied.    Jump to Recipe I’m going to go ahead and apologize now because this is a HUGE recipe.  I always end up cooking for 8+ people when I make chicken curry. It’s one of those dishes that don’t take too much effort and feed the masses.  You can easily cut this recipe down to half. The great thing about curry is that anything goes… throw in all the sad, lonely veggies that are left in...

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Steamed Clams with Garlic, Herbs, and Lime

Steamed Clams are just about the easiest thing in the world to make. Fresh clams with a garlicky and herby brine is perfect as an appetizer to share with friends on a beautiful summer day.   I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, but I’ve been desperately craving steamed clams. I’m assuming it’s the weather… the last couple of weeks have been sunny and breezy with zero humidity. The weather takes me back to a trip out to Montauk last summer where I had steamed clams for the first time, and god were they good!   The...

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Winter Citrus Paloma

Say goodbye to citrus season with a  Winter Citrus Paloma! Jump to Recipe Palomas are a tequila based cocktail that originates from Mexico. Typically they’re made with tequila, grapefruit juice, and club soda. The Paloma was actually one of the first cocktails that tried to make and liked, so I figured it would be a good “first drink” recipe to include on the blog.  I meant to post this MUCH earlier… but life got in the way and I’m posting it now. Sue me.   Moro Oranges or Blood Oranges actually originate from Sicily and Spain, however in the United States...

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i’m monika andrea…

I’m not a chef, dietician, or a health genius; but I love healthy food and I strongly believe in the benefits of eating unprocessed, real food. Hippocrates said it best… “Food Is Medicine”

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Super Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Lentil Beet Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

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